Hardie Siding

DuPont Hardie Board


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We offer comprehensive services to help you give your property the right siding protection.

  • Hardie siding colors
  • Hardie panel siding
  • Hardie siding problems
  • Hardie siding installation

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DuPont Hardie Plank


Selecting the type of siding to install in their home or commercial building is one of the most important decisions a property owner has to make. A wrong choice can result in a look that is unacceptable, while the right decision can result in years of a beautiful and durable property.

Choose DuPont Hardie Plank lap siding for your property and make a lasting improvement to the building and get optimal returns from the investment. Here are some reasons why Hardie siding is one of the best cladding materials.

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DuPont Hardie Plank siding is:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Pest and rot resistant
  • Extremely strong and does not crack easily
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Replicates the appearance of wood

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DuPont Hardie Siding


Siding installation is a job that is best left to trained professionals especially when it involves installing Cemplank or Hardie Board siding. Being a fiber cement product, Cemplank and DuPont Hardie siding is a little heavier than some other cladding material. If handled improperly, Cemplank or Hardie Plank siding panels can become damaged.

Assure yourself of seamless Cemplank or DuPont Hardie siding in your property by choosing us for the installation. We make sure that superior quality of the product is supplemented by excellence in its installation.

Affordable prices further make us the right choice for DuPont Hardie siding installation services.

Want the finest siding for your property? Choose Hardie Board siding and hire Window Giant for DuPont Hardie siding installation.

While installing your Hardie Plank siding, our technicians make sure to:

  • Hardie shingle siding
  • Installing hardie siding
  • Hardie wood siding
  • 4x8 hardie board siding

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