Issaquah Dormers


Adding a dormer to an existing roof is a wonderful way of enhancing the curb appeal of the house, increasing its interior space and improving the functionality of its upper level. Issaquah dormers are an interesting architectural detail that can be incorporated into a property anytime.

It involves removing a section of the roof to make way for the new structure. Windows are also installed in new Issaquah dormers to allow sunlight and allow airflow.

Get in touch with Window Giant if you are interested in having a dormer added to your Issaquah, WA home. We can take care of the entire job, from start to finish, sending experienced technicians for:

  • House dormers
  • Roof dormers
  • Cedar shake dormers
  • Adding dormers to roof
  • Window dormers

Besides building new ones, we also repair and replace Issaquah dormers in homes.

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Issaquah Replace Dormer


We can help! Our technicians are trained to do all kinds of jobs on all types of dormers. Whether you want to hire experts to replace a shed, hip or gable dormer, give us a call. Whether you are looking for skilled technicians to replace a component of your dormer or replace a dormer itself, we have just the people you need.

When you call to replace a dormer in your home, seamless completion of the job is a given. Our professionals work diligently, giving sharp attention to the smallest of details.

  • Dormer repair
  • Decorative dormers
  • Dormer replacement
  • Metal roof with dormers

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Issaquah Repair Dormers


It is quite challenging to build new dormers or Issaquah repair dormers that are already installed. The jobs are best left to specialists like us. We take pride in our reputation for building extremely beautiful, functional and durable dormers. And, homeowners would be hard-pressed to find better technicians than ours to Issaquah repair dormers in homes.

Our family owned and operated company does everything possible to deliver timely, accurate, enduring, affordable and hassle-free services to all homeowners who call us to Issaquah repair dormers. We can Issaquah repair dormers with problems of any type or complexity. Some of our services involve:

  • Resolving dormer roof problems
  • Fixing common dormer leaks
  • Repairing roof flashing around dormers
  • Replacing or repainting facings of dormer window frames

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